Friday, July 16, 2010

new home

hye asdiqai!!
now..FYI, i've moved to a new home n college..from Kajang to Sepang..from UIA to to say ah?basically,the first was totally different...y???
yup!of UIA u wont see any other races except for MALAYS..n most important is all of them are MOSLEM! but now..the environment is a bit freaking me out..many races and religions around u!like MR RAzib said..this is a mental preparation for all of u b4 u fly to India..i hope so..n i hope that i can go through this without falling!Ya Allah!Please guide me!One more unique thing that I felt is that..when i experienced a maghrib solah at DU..and beside DU is LH5..where the Christian Foundation is having their religion activity too!YA ALLAH!i really2 felt awkward about b4 i was in all Moslem school..never n ever experienced this kind of just PHEw!!May AllAh always guide me n make me a strong muslimah n mukminah..Amin~

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